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It’s Official: Daniel Craig is returning as 007 James Bond

After months of speculation Sony Pictures have their man again

Less than 12 hours after we reported that Daniel Craig appeared to distancing himself from James Bond, the British actor took everyone by surprise and officially confirmed he was returning to the franchise for a fifth movie.

During an appearance on The Late Show, Craig confirmed to host Stephen Colbert that he had agreed terms with Sony Pictures and would once again serve Queen and Country as secret agent James Bond.

So why all the secrecy for so long? Could it have something to do with Sam Mendes stepping down from the helm? … who knows. We’re just glad he’s back for at least one more movie.

Considering the phenomenal success of Skyfall, followed by the disappointment that was Spectre, many fans had been hoping Craig would return for one last outing, even if it was just to end on a high.

Regardless of how Bond 25 fairs when it finally hits cinemas around the world, Craig will certainly end on a high. The actor was reportedly offered $150 million by Sony Pictures last year to continue as the franchises leading man, so his pay-packet for Bond 25 is likely a colossal one.

So we have Bond, now all we need is a world class villain and most importantly a director to helm the blockbuster. Any thoughts? Let us know in the Facebook comments section below.



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