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Ben Affleck pledges his long-term future to Batman

The Oscar-winner has signed a new multi-picture deal with Warner Bros

Is he staying or is he going? A question that’s been on the lips of Batfleck fans since it was rumoured that Warner Bros were planning to remove Ben Affleck in the near future.

Now it appears we have a solid answer, and it’s good news for all of you (including us) that are fans of Ben Affleck’s Batman. reported that Ben Affleck has signed for Matt Reeves entire Batman trilogy and will even appear as the Dark Knight in other projects that could be based around an old-man Bruce Wayne. However the movie site has since removed the post with the news yet to be officially broken by either Ben Affleck or Warner Bros.

His future had been in doubt recently, but after publicly confirming his intention to play Batman for as long as Warner Bros want him, it’s probably safe to assume Affleck will be sticking around for a while.

Let’s be honest, it would be crazy to recast the role when Ben Affleck has already built up an incredibly strong following, with many fans and critics seeing the Oscar-winner’s portrayal of Batman as one of the most authentic in the characters cinematic history.

One project that could secure his future as the character is Batman Beyond, which takes place in 2040 and follows a older Bruce Wayne who passes the legacy of Batman to vigilante Terry McGinnis. If the rumours of the project are to be believed, and it completes Matt Reeves new trilogy, Ben Affleck’s age would be spot on for the character.

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