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Twentieth Century Fox considering ‘young’ reboot of Fantastic Four

It’s true what they say… you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 

Two years after the catastrophic attempt to reboot their Fantastic Four franchise on the big screen, Fox is reportedly considering a young reboot of the superhero characters.

The decision will likely have had fans smacking their hand against their heads as flashbacks of 2015’s Fantastic Four flop start to kick off again – however if rumours are to be believed, it could see Franklin and Valeria Richards take over lead duties.

For those unfamilar with these two characters, they’re the children of Reed and Sue Richards who made their debut in the original Marvel comics back in the late nineties. The two teens posses remarkable abilities that see them team up with The Human Torch and The Thing when their parents step back from Earth-saving duties.

Despite the different direction, fans are already becoming fed up with Fox’s refusal to hand the franchise back over to Marvel, who’ve already proven their ability to co-share franchises. This year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming marks an important milestone in the world of superhero movies thanks to Sony’s sensible decision to hand creative control of the franchise over to Marvel Studios.

Fantastic Four has proven to be a difficult commodity when it comes adpating the comics to the big screen, and with multiple failed attempts to establish a solid franchise, Fox really needs to think long and hard about what’s best for the die-hard fans who’ve remained patient for a very long time.

Only time will tell but stay tuned for more on a potential new franchise.



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