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The Flash Movie Sees A Future With Robert Zemeckis

How awesome would it be if Robert Zemeckis, the legendary genius behind Back to the Future, took the helm of DC Comics upcoming movie The Flash? Pretty damn cool I’d say.

Well that dream may very well become a reality if the latest rumours floating around Hollywood are to be believed – because Bob Zemeckis is currently in talks to direct the floundering superhero blockbuster.

Despite a script, crew, budget and leading man ready to go, The Flash has endured a tough time since its announcement after the release of Batman v Superman with a host of directors stepping down from the big chair for varying reasons. Surprising considering the franchise already has an established hit TV show and a talented actor like Ezra Miller ready to suit up in his own solo movie.

Still, the project is clearly in desperate need of the talents of Mr Zemeckis and it appears Warner Bros will do whatever it takes to get the Oscar-winning director on-board. Although he’ll have to get used to filming a character who can travel considerably faster than the 88mph Delorian that Marty McFly took into the future.

With Justice League and Wonder Woman due out this year, as well as Aquaman, Man of Steel 2 and The Batman all moving forward into production in the near future, it appears The Flash is the only one flagging behind – ironic really considering the main trait Barry Allen possesses.

Let’s hope the runours prove true – on the plus side, Ezra Miller won’t have to wait that long to make his full screen debut though because The Flash is set to join Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in this summers mega-blockbuster Justice League.

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