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Could ‘The Mummy’ Be Tom Cruise’s First Flop in 30 Years?

He jumps out of skyscrapers, rides his own motorbikes, and even hangs off airborne planes…so there’s no denying Tom Cruise is the most authentic action star to ever grace the big screen. I mean his box office record speaks for itself.

But could that incredible run of box office hits finally be coming to an end with the release of this year’s ‘The Mummy’ remake?

Over the weekend, Universal Pictures dropped the second full-length trailer of ‘The Mummy’ and I can’t help but feel it’s missing the key ingredients of any good horror. Because that’s what the film is intended to be, first and foremost a horror that pays homage to the original 1930’s classic.

But from the look of the footage, it seems more like a standard Tom Cruise “destroy everything possible” action film, then a good old fashioned, nerve wrangling horror we were expecting from the Universal Monsters Universe.

With cinema goers expecting a horror, and instead seeing what could be another sequel to the Jack Reacher franchise, Tom Cruise could see a decline in ticket sales for ‘The Mummy’ that could see it become his first box office flop in almost 30 years.

Perhaps the issue could stem from Universal’s choice of director, in this case Hollywood writer/producer Alex Kurtzman, who takes the helm on his directional debut. Kurtzman has proven himself as a talented and hugely successful writer and producer, having scripted the likes of Transformers, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Mission: Impossible 3, to name just a few – but despite this incredible career, he’s never directed a feature film, especially a horror.

This lack of experience is such a difficult genre could see the film fall short of audience expectations, that will almost certainly have an effect on it’s box office performance when the film hits cinemas this June.

Check out the trailer below:



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