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Back To The Future 2 Predicted Cubs World Series Win… Sort Of

I’m not sure what’s more surprising… the fact that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series or the fact that Back to the Future 2 predicted it… almost at least.

Fans of the 80’s time-travel franchise will know that when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) visits the future in 2015, he’s shocked to see that the Cubs won the 2015 World Series, finally ending a dry spell that lasted over a century.

Well it looks like Bob Gale, the writer behind Robert Zemeckis’ Oscar-nominated hit, has some insight into future events despite being just a year off in his prediction.

However the Cubs winning the World Series isn’t the only prediction Gale has got right during the early stages of the 21st Century; hoverboards, fingerprint recognition and even the Nike powerlace shoes – sadly though we’re still waiting the Black and Decker microwave that makes pizza is under a second. See other predictions here »

Even though we may have to wait another 30 years before we see flying cars, another feature of Back to the Future 2 may in fact be just over the horizon.

Earlier this week, Avatar visionary James Cameron spoke of his desire to release the next installments of his epic sci-fi franchise using glasses-free 3D technology similar to the shark that terrifies Marty McFly outside the movie theatre.

Considering James Cameron designed a specialist Fusion Camera System, known to us mere mortals as an IMAX camera, for Avatar back in 2008, it’s certainly a real possibility that the three-time Oscar-winning filmmaker can pull off the incredible feat that would make those uncomfortable glasses a thing of the past.

Hopefully Bob Gale can give some more insight into what the future holds for us.



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