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Gerard Butler Returning As Secret Service Agent For ‘Angel Has Fallen’

News has filtered through that Gerard Butler is returning as Secret Service agent Mike Banning for another sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, this time entitled Angel Has Fallen.

Millennium Films, the studio behind the franchise, recently confirmed that the Scottish action-star had signed on for another installment that will hit cinemas sometime in 2018.

Butler will once again play Mike Banning, the Secret Service agent who’s saved the President’s life on two occasions now from terrorists hell-bent on seeing the superpower brought to it’s knees.

The last installment, London Has Fallen, saw the action move from the White House, across the pond to the British capital where Butler was once again entrusted to protect President Asher (Aaron Eckhart) when London becomes a war-zone.

The news it’s perhaps a surprise move for the studio who’ve not exactly seen great box office results for the last two installments; Olympus Has Fallen brought in $160 million worldwide, with it’s sequel fairing slightly better internationally with just under $200 million.

At the moment Gerard Butler remains the only cast remember from the other films to sign on, with Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett only rumored at this time.

The plot for Angel Has Fallen remains unclear, though considering ‘Angel’ was the secret callsign for Air Force One during the 9/11 atrocities, it’s possible that the story could center around the US President’s famous airliner. Other sources have claimed that it might be Butler’s character in need to saving this time after becoming number one on the hit-list of major terrorists organisations.

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