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‘The Batman’, Ben Affleck Releases Official Title For Solo Project

The Batman, the official title of Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman reboot, is sure to be one of the most hotly anticipated superhero releases in Warner Bros. Pictures illustrious history, and one of the most authentic Batman movies ever released.

By now most have seen Ben Affleck‘s portrayal as the famous ‘Dark Knight’ in this year’s somewhat commercially disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice release – and most will agree that Affleck gave one of the most authentic, gritty portrayals of the character audiences have ever seen… I mean there’s a reason #BeastMode was trending shortly after the films debut.

That said, Warner Bros. saw Affleck’s incredible popularity as Bruce Wayne and immediately pushed his solo Batman movie into pre-production – a project that will see the Oscar-winner write, direct and star in the blockbuster reboot.

Speaking last week to the Associated Press, ‘Batfleck’ (as he’s now known) openly revealed the title for his movie;

“The movie I think is going to be called ‘The Batman’. At least that’s what we’re going with right now. I might change it… That’s about all I got right now. We’re working on the script, the script is going well, I’m really excited about it.”

Personally I think it’s perfect… and not one that should be changed later on. But this is personal to Affleck and any changes to the title will surely be warranted.

Ben Affleck also recently confirmed, via a not-so-subtle re-tweet, that Deathstroke will feature as the main villain and be portrayed by Magic Mike and Sabotage star Joe Manganiello, who recently appeared in some Justice League test footage. Perhaps a sign to expect an explosive introduction to the character ahead of his full debut in The Batman.

Check back with us regularly for more info on The Batman. And watch Ben Affleck full interview below:



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