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Stan Lee Weighs In On Iron Man Recasting Issues

It’s no secret that Robert Downey Jr has redefined the superhero genre entirely, helping Marvel become one of the biggest studios in Hollywood and embodying the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man to such an extent that no one could ever see another actor portraying the role – including Stan Lee himself.

The Marvel creator took to Twitter this morning to voice his opinion on Robert Downey Jr and how it’s impossible to tell the academy award-winning actor and the fictional character apart, despite making it clear who the character was originally modeled on.

Most comic book fans will know that Stan Lee originally created the character of Iron Man in the early 60’s to be a mix between renowned business tycoon Howard Hughes and Hollywood actor Errol Flynn – but it now appears that even the creator himself is unable to envision Tony Stark as anyone but Robert Downey Jr.

Lee has expressed in the past that Downey Jr was “born to play Tony Stark” and was “everything he imaged” when creating the character.

Marvel Studios has no immediate panic regarding recasting the role, considering Downey Jr has expressed his desire to continue in the role for as long as possible, but how exactly will the character move forward on screen once the current era comes to an end?

It’s a tough question and a dilemma I certainly wouldn’t want to be faced with.

Robert Downey Jr will be returning as Iron Man for next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming though it’s yet to be confirmed if he’ll be joining is fellow Avengers in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.



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