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First Set Photo Of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence In Passengers

When you’re boasting an original story and the two biggest actors on the planet, its safe to say your film will be one of the most anticipated releases of the festive season – which helps massively considering Passengers will be completing for our money alongside Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Passengers seems to be one of the most unique to storylines to come out of Hollywood for some time and will surely be an Oscar-contender when awards season hits next year.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Passengers director Morten Tyldum, who happily shared the first images from the sci-fi set.

The sci-fi romance follows Chris Pratt’s character who inadvertently awakes from suspended animation almost a century early whilst on route to a new distant planet ready for colonisation. Fearing the terrifying reality of dying alone long before the ship ever reaches its destination, he wakes Jennifer Lawrences character. With the two souls now facing a unexpted life together aboard the luxury ship, they soon discover issues with the ship that could kill everyone on board.

Passengers hits cinemas worldwide from 23 December 2016.



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