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Man of Steel 2 Is A High Priority For Warner Bros Pictures

Like us, you might be scratching your head with the latest Warner Bros. development that the sequel to Man of Steel has headed back into the production phase – mainly because this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was in fact billed as the sequel.

Confusing right? Well according to TheWrap, the official sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel has been put back into active development over at Warner Bros. Studios and is now considered a high priority release.

It’s likely that this recent development is a direct result of the dismal year Warner Bros and DC Comics has had launching it’s highly anticipated DC Cinematic Universe after the ‘critical failures’ (and I use that term lightly) of Batman v Superman and this week’s new release, Suicide Squad.

You can’t deny that the Hollywood studio has had it rough with critics, despite both films fairing quite well at the box office and with fans in general – IMDb currently rates both blockbusters in the 7/10 ballpark. But with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe going from strength to strength, the studio execs over at Warner Bros must be getting a little hot under the collar and desperate to turn their fortunes around.

Henry Cavill, who currently plays Superman on the big screen, signed on for a multi-picture deal back in 2014, but it’s not yet known whether a Man of Steel sequel was in the original contract or whether the British actor would in fact be willing to make a solo movie again after his appearances in the upcoming Justice League films.

Man of Steel didn’t fair to well at the worldwide box office during it’s 2013 release, making only $650 million globally, despite costing almost $300 million to produce and market – not such a great return for a superhero movie that should be breaking the billion dollar mark.

There’s currently no word on when the sequel will hit cinemas, but it will likely not be released until after the Justice League Part Two which is slated for June 2019.



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