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Tyres Gibson Wants Transformers 5 Role

After four installments and billions of dollars in box office revenue, Transformers has proven it’s a franchise not to be messed with – so much so that previous cast members wanr back in for the next in the series.

We reported yesterday that Josh Duhamel, who played Lieutenant Colonel Lennox in the first three films, will reprise his role for Transformers: The Last Knight alonside Mark Wahlberg – and now it seems fellow alumni Tyrese Gibson wants back in as well.

Gibson, who starred alongside Duhamel, is reportedly begging franchise director Michael Bay to write his character into the script – how exactly that could be done is a mystery considering the script has long since been completed. Bay has been somewhat publically promoting the idea, most likely to gage how fans will react to Gibson’s character coming back, yet whether he’ll in fact entertain the idea is still to be decided.

“Mike Bay, I’m ready. Some people are asking me, Why do I want to come back and do Transformers so bad? Because it’s a high for me. You crazy? All of the action, all of the big scenes, all of the magical s**t that’s going on in your head. Being able to experience that s**t, man, it’s a lot of fun for me. I want back into my original family: Transformers. Stop bulls**ttin’, Mike. Pull the trigger, put the word out, write the character back into the movie and let’s get it on.”Tyrese Gibson

He nothing if not passionate – however Gibson will likely only feature briefly in the next installment, due out next year, as it would be an epic ask to have Michael Bay rework the entire script and storyline, co-written by the minds behind Iron Man and Black Hawk Down, so late into pre-production.

There had been whispers surrounding the return of original leads Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox, but these rumours were never confirmed – however with more characters returning to the Transformers franchise, anything could be possible.



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