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Tetris Ready For Big Screen Adaptation

Video game adaptations are a fundamental and well-proven source for Hollywood studios in the battle for box office supremacy – but you can’t help but sometimes wonder if all the cool, original ideas have dried up.

News is now filtering through regarding an in-development adaptation of the popular and timeless video game Tetris, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Exactly how Tetris would be transitioned to the big screen is a puzzle within itself, but it appears the film will be predominately produced in China – surprising considering the games Russian origins.

All plot and production details regarding Tetris have yet to be disclosed but the odds will already be stacked against the project considering ‘plot-less’ games haven’t exactly fared well at the box office when adapted to the big-screen. Take Pixels and Battleship to instance – both were best-selling games in their own rights, but despite the films having some hefty production behind them, both failed to capture audiences imaginations and wallets.

Battleship is perhaps the biggest lesson in how not to adapt a popular video game – costing an estimated $240 million to produce and only managing to scrape the $300 million mark at the global box office.

With the idea of adapting Tetris to live-action being so ‘out there’, it may in fact work in it’s favour – most will be expecting an instant failure, so who knows, maybe we have a box office hit on the horizon.



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