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Disney Confirms Big Names For Fairy Tale Reboots

Disney is certainly not shy in pushing out the boat now that it’s proven itself as a force to be reckoned with at the box office, thanks to recent billion-dollar franchises including Star Wars and The Avengers universe.

Now that the studios bank-account is bulging at the sides, Disney execs are now looking to go back to their roots and reboot several fairy tale franchises in the hopes that they can repeat the success of the recently released live-action reboot of The Jungle Book that has blown the box office wide open.

Announcing yesterday that family favourites including Mary Poppins, Cruella De Vil and Tinker Bell would be returning to the big screen, the studio has shown it’s desire to own the box office by recruiting some big names to fill these famous shoes.

Oscar-nominee Emma Stone has been confirmed for the 101 Dalmations spin-off Cruella, based on the character made famous by Glenn Close back in the 90’s. The film will follow the less than nice exploits of Cruella De Vil, prior to her run in with the famous Dalmation pups.

Also confirmed for a fairytale spin-off is Academy Award-winner Reece Witherspoon, who will be taking over Tinker Bell‘s famous wings for a live-action remake of the classic Peter Pan character.

Rounding off the powerhouse top 3 is Into The Woods star Emily Blunt, who’s signed on to portray one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Mary Poppins, in a sequel that has been decades in the making, ever since Julie Andrews first appeared as the mysterious nanny back in 1964.

It’s certaintly going to be an incredible few years for Disney as they look to continue their dominance at the global box office, something all the more likely thanks to these upcoming projects, as well as the continuation of franchises such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean that are all lined up for release next year.



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